True or False

This recording is a studio project created with producer Janus Dyg who recorded, mixed and reconstructed the material made by CAM at the Keiner Niemand facilities in Copenhagen, 2010.

Whereas the live and improvisational experience of CAM’s music usually relates to the present moment and reacts on impulses, atmospheres and feelings, this album is much more a collaborative piece of art by itself.

Putting together and sorting the material and listening to the album in its full length, we’ve felt atmospheres, tensions and motions of sustain and release, suggesting that some story lies beneath all this – waiting to be discovered.

The cover “Åh John” is made by the acclaimed visual artist and graphical novelist Rikke Villadsen. We are also working on another project with Rikke Villadsen: A live, improvisational music/drawing performance. Perhaps more of these untold stories will be revealed…..

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