About CAM

“A transpersonal delight in consensus with the most natural motif; the freeform expression. This is wild and controlled by intuition. This is when the monkeys picked up sticks. This is big fish eating smaller fish – The vibe is deep, organic and strange, unpleasent, disturbing, cathartic & then calm”.
(Jåni Rothmann, Copenhagen Acid Puppies)

Since 2009, CAM has held on to a musical expression that balances on the edge of (re)cognizable shapes and remarkable sounds, while also practicing musicalities outside conventional and formal frames. CAM plays improv-only on electrical and acoustic instruments, effect machines, mixers, objects, voice, a hart, feedback and samples in a setup that is constantly changing and being experimented with. In spite of this loose setup and improvisational attitude they achieve a coherency where they move with and against each others impulses, the present atmosphere, a newcome unit in the setup or those 4 cables that had to be repatched.

CAM is a part of the Copenhagen noise environment, as among other places can be experienced around the venue Mayhem. CAM is a rare example of an improvisational group that has played together for this long with a a coherent expression that penetrates the vast amount of freeform noise acts, who often are more project oriented and with a limited lifespan. Their take on improvisation can be compared to that of the famous norwegian Supersilent. CAM originates from the embracing Copenhagen based, musical collective, Audionauts, which plays soundtracks to live videotransmissions of rokcetlaunches, and has its roots in the 90’ies experimental musical performance groups Alarm 112 and Ghettoblaster Ensemble.

CAM consists of Claus PoulsenAnders Børup and Mads Bech Paluszewki-Hau.